True Face of PFM Crown

I started to cut PFM crown which showed leak and open margin.
PFM crown shows inner metal parts. It caused lot of problem like staining or damaging gum. The metal rust and easily deformed in wet oral cavity environment and it cannot last long in wet or moisture environment by its nature.
Once PFM crown is removed, the inner tooth structure always shows damage. You can see the teeth near gum shows black caries or cavity / soft dentin. It is the neck area of teeth, it got damaged the higher chance of tooth fracture is. This patient choose to replace PFM crown by my advice even though it does not have any pain or symptom. I show him gum stain and open margin( leak ) in cervical area of Crown and he accept my advice. Luckily we can save this tooth this time and replace PFM crown with Zirconia Crown which is single material not combined material like PFM, which stands for Porcelain fused metal. I like Zirconia mono block because it is a single material, there is no seam or gap in material it self.
The damage in the tooth was extensive and the Post or inner pin in the tooth he has was not good either. I replaced alll damaged area with composite or build up material. Sometimes we use Calcium based liner or base to protect nerve of teeth from boding chemical damage.