This patient came in office with half of his tooth broken. If he came later, we cannot save his tooth. His aunt bring him in office. We did root canal and Build up as show white fills on X-ray. He said he think this tooth is hopeless and he think he need to pull this tooth out. However, luckily we can save his tooth on time

Digital Digital Digital

Are you concern for Radiation from Dental X ray? Then I suggest you should go dental clinic with digital X ray. The above picture shows how low the radiation dose it is in digital X ray. I compared same machine to get most objective result.

Left shows traditional X ray and Right shows digital X ray radiation dose.

Bone Bone Bone!

GBR , guide bone regeneration for implants. I posted this case a couple of month ago explaining how bone graft does in our clinic. This lady came in to remove old implants which was broken. We removed old implants without surgery( minimally invasive way ) and did bone graft with Titanium membrane to enhance bone regeneration on defect site. She came back for check up today. We can see more than enough bone for her next implants.